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Ricky’s 18th Celebration

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Saturday 13th of February was Ricky’s 18th Birthday. We thought it was a good idea to celebrate for him, so the RTF Team, along with some very amazing people, threw a party in honour of his big day. We would like to say Thank You to everyone who attended. It was a great night, one that Ricky would have been proud of.

We would also like to say a big heart felt thank you to everyone who helped make it happen including Jason for DJing, Daniel at DLF Photography for being our photographer for the evening, Josh, Reece, Luke, Chris, Stephen, Shari, Diana, and Rochelle for being the band entertainment for the evening. Also we would like to thank Henry Roth, Kayleigh, Shai, Marno, Shirley, Anne, Lorraine, Annette, Alyssa, Taylah, Sarah, Andrea, Efi, Rudy, Steve, Dan, Mark, Tom and Carla for all their help with everything they have done for us including food prep and set up/ pack down on the night! Without all of you this night could not have happened. If we have missed anyone Thank You to you as well!

We hope you all had a great night and enjoy looking through the photos both on this post and on our Facebook Page

The RTF Team

RTFRicky’s 18th Celebration

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