The Ricky Taylor Foundation

The Ricky Taylor Foundation is a non-profit organisation that provides resources and support to teenagers diagnosed with cancer. We aim to continually improve their happiness and well-being while they receive their treatment at the Monash Children’s Hospital.

By Sponsoring the Monash Children’s Hospital AYA (Adolescent Young Adult) clinic, The RTF help provide teens with a safe and age appropriate environment for activities, targeted psychological information and education aimed at boosting their knowledge of how to deal with what they are going through and opportunities to socialise with other teenage patients. During these clinics, there is also time for the teenagers to have appointments and treatment as necessary.

Many organisations help the family outside of the hospital but we want to concentrate on the teen while in hospital, because that’s when they need it most!

About Us

Ricky’s Story

On 13th February 2014, Ricky Taylor was diagnosed with a Germ Cell Tumor located between his heart and lung – this was his 16th birthday. Ricky spent the next 12 months in and out of hospital, battling cancer, going into remission and then having the cancer return. Ricky lost his battle with cancer on 20th February 2015, one week after his 17th birthday.

During his journey, Ricky noticed what others in hospital were going through and quite often thought about how little changes could make a big difference; especially for teenage patients. He often wondered “Why me?” and the only conclusion for us was that Ricky was put in that position so that he could somehow help others. His vision was to help teenagers in hospital battling cancer by making their stay a bit more bearable.

Although Ricky didn’t live to see his vision happen, his family and friends founded The Ricky Taylor Foundation Inc. to see Ricky’s vision become a reality.

Our Aim

To sponsor the Monash Children’s Hospital AYA Clinic that aims to provide an environment and service based on best practice adolescent principles of care.

We also aim to provide every teenager diagnosed with Cancer at the Monash Children’s Hospital with a R.I.C.K.I.T this kit will include such things as a mini Bluetooth speaker, headphones, lip balm, scarf, power banks and other “essential” teenager hospital items!